Welcome to Collaborative Systems Laboratory

Founded in 2007, CSL is a research laboratory in the Systems Design Engineering department of the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. CSL is also affiliated with the University of Waterloo's Games Institute and the NSERC SurfNet and IMMERSe research networks.

Research in CSL focuses on designing technology to enhance collaborative and social activities. Our research aims to understand the human and social factors of face-to-face and distributed teamwork and to apply this knowledge to the creation of technologies to enhance group communication, coordination, interaction, and socialization.  

Current CSL research efforts are focused on the development of novel interface and interaction techniques for interactive, large-screen wall and tabletop systems, and multi-surface environments (e.g., digital tables coupled with mobile tablets) and applying these interface technologies to real-world domain contexts such as military command and control settings, emergency response, and gaming. Other CSL research focuses on development of collaborative and decision support interfaces for complex, time-critical team environments.  Please see the CSL Publications and Research pages for more details.

CSL is a former member of the LEIF Canada-EU Surface Computing Canada-European Exchange program.



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