Industry and Government Partners

Gallium Visual System

Gallium focuses on developing:
  • Software components, as well as tools for high performance, for mission-critical applications.
  • Command and contol and situational awareness display systems

Defence R&D Canada (DRDC)-Atlantic

DRDC-Atlantic focuses on:
  • Antisubmarine warfare
  • Mine and torpedo defence
  • Air and naval platform technology
  • Maritime information systems
  • Emerging materials and signature management

Christie Digital Systems

Located in Kitchener, Ontario
Christie's Digital Systems focus on:
  • Digital projectors
  • Projection solutions
  • Display solutions
  • Expert services

Research in Motion

RIM focus on:
  • Worldwide mobile communications

Research Networks



Equis Laboratory

  • Dr. Nick Graham
  • Located at Queen's University in Kingston Ontario
  • Projects on Collaborative Gaming Technology

Advanced Interface Design Lab

  • Dr Catherine M. Burns
  • Located at the University of Waterloo

Usability and Interactive Technology (Use-It) Lab

  • Dr. Carolyn MacGregor
  • Located at the University of Waterloo

Human Computer Interaction Lab

  • Dr. Edward Lank
  • Dr. Michael Terry
  • Located at the University of Waterloo

Humans and Complex Systems Lab

  • Dr. Jonathan Histon
  • Located at the University of Waterloo

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